Day 41 07-06-2014 Sat Cambridge

Today was a transit day from Scarboro to Mundford outside Cambridge, albeit a fairly busy one.

Our first stop was the charming village of Hunmanby, the birthplace of Joan’s friend Anne. Joan collared a local (I hesitate to use the word elderly) lady, who tuned out to have lived there all her life. She was able to point out the shops where Anne’s father ran businesses. It was quite touching to have this connection. Small disaster: as Joan got out of the car here she realised that we had forgotten her camera back at the digs in Scarborough. So thanks to the Anne connection we were not that far from Scarboro when we discovered this omission, and were able to dash back to fetch it. Had we discovered this further into the day, say at Hull or Lincoln, we would not have bothered.

IMG_7078 IMG_7079 IMG_7080 IMG_7081 IMG_7084 IMG_7086 IMG_7088Speaking of distances, today was the furthest we have travelled in one day – 213 miles = 343 Km. Interestingly, a lot of it was over flat countryside. England just keeps throwing up new types of scenery. One section at least 80 Km was flat, and I mean dead flat – just amazing. And still very beautiful.

We headed for (Kingston upon) Hull so Joan could indulge in a bit of nostalgia (she lived here before emigrating to Australia 38 years ago).

IMG_7112 IMG_7115 IMG_7117 IMG_7118 IMG_7120 IMG_7122Before getting there though we were seduced into detouring to Beverley, a beautiful historic market town with a charming minster. We had a quick tour around town and minster and regretted that we had not planned more time for this place.

IMG_7093 IMG_7095 IMG_7096 IMG_7098 IMG_7100 IMG_7102 IMG_7110Once in Hull, we tried to find the house where Joan used to live with her friend Linda, but the GPS apparently took us to the only Trinity Grove it could find, which she did not recognise. Traffic here on a rainy day was dreadful, with lights every 100m or so. We eventually got to the old town and had a wander around. Some things were recognisable, but obviously much had changed.

Nostalgia appeased, we set off for Lincoln to see the famous cathedral there. We had to pay a small ransom to see it, but it was worth it, with great vaulting, arches and of course glass.

IMG_0715 IMG_0720 IMG_0721 IMG_0723 IMG_0726 IMG_0727 IMG_7124 IMG_7125 IMG_7128 IMG_7129 IMG_7131 IMG_7132 IMG_7133IMG_7134 IMG_7137 IMG_7139 IMG_7145 IMG_7146 IMG_7148 IMG_7149 IMG_7155 IMG_7156 IMG_7157 IMG_7161 IMG_7165_cr IMG_7166 IMG_7169IMG_7170 IMG_7172 IMG_7178 IMG_7184 IMG_7193_cr IMG_7195_cr IMG_7198 IMG_7204This is in Mudford, where we are staying:

IMG_7214 IMG_7215

view from our window
view from our window

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