Day 31 28-05-2014 Wed Bowness

Today was a transit day from Chester to Bowness in the Lake District. It was overcast and rainy all day. Most of the way was on the motorway and traffic was quite heavy. It was only 140 Km from Chester to Kendal but it seemed like a lot more under the conditions.

IMG_5197We stopped in Kendal mainly for refreshments, tourist info and a badly-needed haircut.

On arriving at our guest house in Bowness at the southern end of Windermere we crashed for a couple of hours. This left us fit for a tour of the town which featured some attractive buildings, and of course some liquid refreshment. Dinner was in another pub nearby. This is a very much a tourist town.

view from our lodgings
view from our lodgings

IMG_5215 IMG_5217 IMG_5220 IMG_5224 IMG_5226 IMG_5227A few observations on motoring. The authorities here are into a bit of social engineering – we saw two things which we thought were quite well-conceived. The first is a way of encouraging drivers to maintain a sensible gap to the vehicle in front. They paint chevrons at fixed distances on the roadway. There are then signs by the roadside advising to keep two chevrons’s distance. I’m guessing that worked out to perhaps 80m. This goes on for a kilometre or so. The forward effect was good and I found myself adopting this convention. However, it took a while for it dawn on me that the motorist behind, who seemed to be at a distance precluding overtaking intentions, actually did want to overtake and that convention demanded that I should get out of the overtaking lane. They were too polite to tailgate to make their intentions clearer.

The second thing was for motorcyclists. Yesterday we drove over the sinuous and undulating Snake Pass while exiting the Peak District before Glossop. This is a fine road for bikers and they could be forgiven for wanting to have a bit of fun here. However, there were prominent signs at the apex of most curves showing a motorbike at an angle to the road and the words “To die for?”.

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